Report on Nationwide Campaign Against Corruption by The Nigerians Society of Engineers (NSE)

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The Nigerian Society of Engineers – NSE is a National Member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations – WFEO and has been participating in all programmes of WFEO.

In April, 2009, WFEO Committee on Anti-Corruption organized its world-wide workshop in Tunis - Tunisia on “Ethics and Business Integrity Management and Procurement”. The design of the workshop was to train- the –trainers on how to avoid corruption on construction projects.The workshop was co-sponsored by the American Bar Association through the World Justice Project and supported by:
 The Global ACET Project
 The Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC)
 The Federation of Internationale des ingenieurs Conseil (FIDIC).
The Nigerian Society of Engineers sponsored 5 eminent members of the society to be trained so as to impact the knowledge on all members of the society and the general public in Nigeria.
In June, 2009, the President of NSE constituted a Trainers Group on Anti-Corruption to carry out nationwide campaign against corruption for all members of the society and the Nigerian Public. 
The Trainers Group chaired by Engr. Felix Atume FNSE, mni, the Registrar of the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria – COREN with the following as members of the Group:
• Engr. Prof. James Olugbenga Aribisala, FNSE, FNICE, A Professor of Civil Engineering, Dean Faculty of Engineering University of Ado-Ekiti.
• Engr. Mrs. Valarie Ifuko Agberagba, FNSE, of F C T Abuja
• Engr. Dr. James Akanmu, FNSE of the University of Lagos, and
• Bernard Ordams, Head, International Affairs of NSE as Secretary of the Group.
The first workshop was conducted on the 12th of July, 2009 at the National Engineering Centre Abuja for Chairmen of branches and divisions of NSE. The second presentation was the following day at the Council meeting of the Society at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.
At the zonal levels the Uyo workshop of 8th May, 2010 marked the third public presentation with an attendance of more than 100 participants from Abuja, Port Harcourt, Yenagoa, Calabar, Eket Ikot – Abassi and Uyo.

1.1 Opening Ceremony
The Deputy President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers Engr. Mustafa Balarabe Shehu, FNSE declared the workshop opened at 10.45 am. The Deputy President while holding brief for the president remarked that the war against corruption in Nigeria must be taken as a collective responsibility and all engineers must imbibe anti-corruption culture to salvage Nigeria from the pawns of this cankerworm - Corruption.

1.2 General overview of the workshop by the Chairman of the Trainers Group.
The Chairman of the Trainers Group (TG), Engr. Felix Atume, FNSE, mni in his opening address chronicled the workshop in a format to identifying what exactly is corruption, exposing the magnitude of corruption as a problem that kills as well as highlighting actions taken so far to curb the menace. Engr. Atume posited that leaders must be held accountable irrespective of immunity to stem out corruption in Nigeria.

1.3 Paper Presentations.
The 3 Resource Persons made presentations on the following sub topics:

1.3.1. Ethics and Integrity Management for Engineers
  Engr. Dr. J.O. Akanmu, FNSE

1.3.2 Identifying and Preventing Corruption in Engineering Projects
Engr. Mrs. V. I. Agberagba, FNSE

1.3.3 Engineering Ethics 
Engr. Felix Atume, FNSE, mni

1.4 Interactive Session
The Chairman and Chief Moderator of the integrative session was the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr. Chief, Olumuyiwa Alade Ajibola, FNSE.

The chief moderator called on engineers to make contributions that will assist in finding lasting solutions to the problem of corruption in Nigeria. Several momentous submissions were made by eminent members of the society.

In his submission, Engr. I. K. Inuwa, FNSE, OFR, Past President of both NSE and COREN proposed for Council consideration the setting up of standard Committee on Anti-Corruption to handle among others; special awards for proven cases of anti-corrupt practices displayed by engineers and compensation packages (Salaries) for engineers victimized on grounds of exposing corruption in Nigeria.

1.5 Closing Remarks
The President of NSE asked, is Corruption in Nigeria a cause or a choice? 
The President stated that we are all Nigerians and must find solution to the problem of corruption in Nigeria.

The President said the World Federation of Engineering Organizations WFEO was concerned about the rising level of corruption in engineering projects globally, and had directed all its affiliate bodies to sensitize their members and ensure professionalism and ethics in all their activities.

Conflict of Interest was identified by the President as a major common unethical practice in the public service in Nigeria today. According to Chief Ajibola “ if you as an engineer in the public service, you have an interest in a job; you must step aside in the process of bidding and make your interest public. … he continued I am happy to announce that the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria – COREN has set up an investigative panel headed by the President of NSE to investigate cases of professional misconduct among engineers … and I am waiting”

The President concluded with a charge to all members that Nigerian Engineers should not be instruments of corruption in Nigeria.

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