General Assembly in Nairobi 2005

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At a general Assembly of FAOE in Nairobi 2005,officials were elected with Engr. Ogwayo of Kenya as the President.
The Vice Presidents were chosen from:
1 Vice president (North Africa) Tunisia
2 Vice president(south Africa) Zimbabwe
3 Vice president (west Africa) Ghana
Nigeria maintained the post of secretary General.

Since the meeting in Kenya,FOAE had carried out other major Technical activites which included:
i. WFEO General Assembly in Puerto Rico 2005
ii. WFEO Exco meeting in Chica- October,2006.
iii. WFEO S eminar on women in Engineering Tunis June,2007.
iv. Ansti COVIDSET meeting in Johannesburg September,2007.
v. WFEO General Assembly,New Delhi November,2007.
vi. FAOE Meeting in Abuja
vii. FAOE Meeting in Accra,March 2008.
viii. FAOE Meeting in Siera Leon,June,2008.
ix. WEC Brazil in December,2008.
x. WFEO E xecutive Board meeting in Paris,march 2009.
xi. FAOE Meeting in Accra,march 2009.
xii. WFEO W orkshop in Tunis,April 2009.
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